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Am I required to file an income tax return as an international student/working visa?

Many international students who are 19 years old or older may be required to either complete an income tax form or want to do so in order to claim refunds for other taxes. You can file tax returns for the past 10 years. For example, you arrived in Canada in 2001, and so you can file your tax returns from 2001 to 2010.


I am an international student. How much can I get tax refunded for each year?

Normally tax refunds for student range between $300 -$1000 up. Some students can get tax refunds of more than $2000. It depends how long you stay in Canada. Generally, the more longer you stay, the more refunds you get.


When should I file my income tax?

You can file your income tax once you arrived in Canada. Please file your tax at least 7 months before leaving Canada, or you will not receive a tax refund before leaving Canada.


How many times should I file tax returns?

Normally you would need to file your taxes once year. Unless you're a working visa (this includes working holiday visa holders) who needs to file at least twice a year. Note that you would need to file twice a year as a working visa holder even if you stayed in Canada for one year.


After applied Tax, shall I change my mailing address with the Tax government once I moved?

Yes. You must change your mailing address with the Tax government. If you do not change your address, you may not receive a tax refund even if choose the direct deposit option for your tax refund.
(You need to change address by yourself by mail or phone, Kings Tax can not change address for you. You can find more details here: http://www.kingstax.com/online_eng.html).


How long does it take to process my tax returns?

It depends on who you are.

A. International students who submit an application get their tax refund in 5-6 months.

  • B. Working Visa holders who submit an application get their tax refund in 3 months.
  • C. If you EFILE, you get it in 10 Days. This only applies for working visa, immigrants, and Canadians.


If I didn’t receive/lost my tax refund cheques, what should I do?

We always recommend students to direct deposit into their bank account.

However, if you choose to receive a tax refund by cheque, and the cheque is missing or expired in 6 months, then you need to contact us. Additional service charge may apply if a cheque is missing due to actions on your end.


I am an international student, but I am under 19 years old. May I get tax refund?

Yes, you may get a tax refund if your mother or father is staying with you in Canada. You may also get Canada Child Tax benefits. Ask us for more details.


How do I check my tax return status online?

Please visit www.cra.gc.ca/quickaccess. You will need your SIN# or Tax number and the Income you reported on tax and Birth Date.


What documents will I need?

  • A.Passport and Study permit or Student ID
  • B.SIN# for working permit and immigrant
  • C. Bank Account Info for the refund(We need Bank Transit# and Bank Account#) Ask Your Bank If you don’t know.
  • • T2202A: Tuition fees paid (deductible from income) and months of full-time
    • T4: Employment income and deductions
    • T4A: Scholarships and bursaries

Note, we do not ask you to provide your SIN# or Bank Account Information on our application. You will have to do that on-phone, in-person or my email.

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